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At Grain Bar, we wholeheartedly recognise that our greatest strength lies in the individuals who contribute their charisma and energy to our establishment.  

Our latest menu is a heartfelt tribute to the diverse regional flavours and the unique backgrounds of our talented bartenders. Crafted with love and using only the finest local ingredients, each offering invites you on a journey through both the vibrant places and cherished memories that inspire our team.  

Elevate your senses with an artisanal experience that seamlessly weaves together craftsmanship and the rich tapestry of our team's stories. Cheers to celebrating the essence of our people at Grain Bar! 


The team at Grain works with ecoSPIRITS that brings a new range of craft spirits that reduces our carbon footprint with the stop of single use glass.

ecoSPIRITS is an innovative distribution system that nearly eliminates packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain. By dramatically reducing packaging and transport costs, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction. This means less glass and carboard waste in Australian landfills. This means less glass and cardboard waste in Australian landfills 

Our Team