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July 01, 2022 until August 23, 2022

Southeast Side

by Mayer Tanza

Amaro Montenegro, Gin, Pineapple, Coconut, Pandan, Palm Sugar, Lemon | $20

Southeast side is a cocktail inspired by Mayer’s journey growing up in Indonesia. Looking back on his childhood in Indonesia, the pandemic has made him realise how challenging it is not to see family, especially studying abroad. Therefore, he managed to curate a nostalgia cocktail inspired by his hometown’s flavours.

One of his hometown delicacies is his favourite dessert called Cendol. This dessert can be found in Indonesia and some parts of South-East Asian countries. Cendol is prepared and served in a harmonious gathering; the dessert symbolises celebrating togetherness and the human spirit.

Montenegro reminds Mayer of the flavours of Indonesia. The flavours consist of spices, vanilla, bitters and many more, and surely, you are all aware of Indonesia's bittersweet history with their spices. 

Therefore, Mayer has curated the cocktail “Southeast Side” – a fusion between the dessert Cendol and Amaro Montenegro. 

Mayer has created a syrup made from palm sugar infused with pandan and coconut, a recipe passed on from his ancestors. The combination of these flavours and Amaro Montenegro produces a bitter, sweet, spiced and refreshing cocktail with a hint of tropical notes. A drink that brings Indonesian flair into the cocktail.

Pull up a chair and let Mayer take your tastebuds on a Southeast Asia journey.